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wukalina walk - Bay of Fires walk, Tasmania

takara waranta | walk with us


The wukalina walk is a three night, four day Aboriginal owned and operated guided walk based around the magnificent natural landscape of the larapuna/Bay of Fires and wukalina /Mt William areas, incorporating the famous Bay of Fires in North East Tasmania, Australia, the cultural homeland of the palawa.

The walk is a genuine cultural experience that will deepen your understanding of palawa (Tasmanian Aboriginal) culture and community history as well as immerse you in the natural and rugged beauty of wukalina and larapuna.

Guests spend two nights in absolute comfort in bespoke palawa inspired (domed) huts and one night in the meticulously renovated Lighthouse Keepers Cottage at larapuna/Bay of Fires, North East Tasmania.

The Walk will provide an opportunity to walk with palawa guides in the footsteps of their traditional people on the cultural homeland of wukalina and larapuna. You will hear first-hand palawa creation stories and participate in cultural practices that have been passed down for hundreds of generations.

The Walk departs from Launceston each Sunday at 9.00am from late September to the end of April each season, the forthcoming season will operate from 29 September 2019 to 12 April 2020. Throughout the season we will have a number of guaranteed departures, regardless of guest numbers. To view departure dates click here.

Walk with us.

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the people of palawa

palawa people are the only group of humans to evolve in isolation for over 10,000 years – their culture and heritage is distinctively different from mainland Aboriginal cultures, both in traditional times and since European occupation.

The magnificent natural landscape of North East Tasmania is the perfect place to reveal the palawa story, as contemporary palawa culture is most strongly tied to this part of Tasmania, as well as the Furneaux Islands.  The palawa people did not document their history or keep it in museums – this landscape is their museum.

wukalina walk tasmania

creation - a beautiful creation story.
community - community is very important
country - A place like no other
sharing - I heard the truth
gather - only taking what I need


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the area

The Bay of Fires Tasmania


larapuna is a special place for the palawa people. It is located on the far north East Coast of Tasmania. The East Coast cultural landscape stretches all the way out over the muka [the sea] to tayaritja [Furneaux Islands].

This area is the cultural homeland of the palawa.

The Walk traverses National Park and Reserve landscapes, across an area more commonly known as the Bay of Fires.

The structure of the Walk is along the same lines as more established walks such as the Bay of Fires Walk, the Freycinet Experience Walk and the Maria Island Walk.

Situated in North East Tasmania, Australia – 2.5 hours from Launceston, 4.5 hours from Hobart and 1.5 hours from St Helens, on the East Coast.


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overview of wukalina Bay of Fires walk

milaythina nika milaythina mana | this land is our country

The wukalina walk is a three night, four day Aboriginal owned and operated guided Tasmanian walk based around the magnificent natural landscape of the larapuna/Bay of Fires and wukalina (Mt William) Bay of Fires Tasmania areas, the cultural homeland of the palawa.

This Tasmanian walk will become one of the things to do in when visiting Tasmania. 


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wukalina Walk Bay of Fires Walk - hut
wukalina Walk, Bay of Fires walk - beach walk

day one

Launceston to krakani lumi - Mountain and inland journey

  • Arrive Tasmanian Elders Centre in Launceston at 8:00am sharp.

  • Enjoy morning tea and a cuppa while preparing your walking kits.

  • Guests enjoy a scenic drive from Launceston while learning about the Aboriginal and European history of the district.

  • The cultural walk begins at Stumpy’s Bay in wukalina/Mt William National Park.

  • Arrive at a purpose-built base camp (krakani lumi) at Cobler Rocks.

distance - 11km
difficulty - medium
walk time - 4.5 hours

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wukalina Walk Bay of Fires walk - accomm
wukalina Walk, Bay of Fires walk - wallaby

day two

Coastal journey

  • After breakfast guests will be guided along a traditional coastal pathway.

  • Lunch will be served back at the Standing Camp, following which our guides will lead cultural sessions.

  • After a traditional dinner including mutton bird, wallaby, and doughboys, guests will enjoy a starlight night walk

  • Guests may encounter native wildlife such as wombats (prupilathina), wallabies (payathanima) and kangaroos, as well as possums and many more of Australia’s famous critters in this untouched landscape.

distance - 5km
difficulty - medium
walk time - 2 hours

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wukalina Walk, Bay of Fires walk - Eddystone Point
wukalina Walk, Bay of Fires walk - larapuna

day three

krakani lumi to larapuna | Coastal journey

  • A guided walk south along the pure white sands and rocky headlands, with lunch at Marsupial Lawns.

  • Arrive on the Aboriginal held land of larapuna (Eddystone Point lighthouse precinct)

  • Experience native wildlife close-up, including wombats and wallabies.

distance - 17km
difficulty - medium to hard
walk time - 6 hours

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wukalina Walk bay of Fires walk - Eddystone Point
wukalina Walk bay of Fires walk - Eddystone Point 1

day four

larapuna and return to Launceston | Around larapuna

  • Opportunity to explore the larapuna precinct and surrounds.

  • Exclusive access and tour of Eddystone Lighthouse.

  • Participate in cultural activities practiced in the local area for thousands of years.

  • Conversation with Aboriginal Elder/respected community member.

  • Lunch is served prior to the drive back to Launceston via a ‘quirky café’ stop in Derby

  • Arrive back into Launceston at approximately 4:30pm.

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Pricing – Rack Rate valid to 31 March 2020

Twin share per person $2495
*Single supplement $1870
Children (12 y/o+) as per adults - no children under 12

*Single Supplement enables you to have your own hut at krakani lumi and own room at larapuna. If you are happy to share with a person of the same gender (commonly referred to as a ‘forced single’) then you would simply pay the Twin Share rate and we will let you know if we end up taking another single person booking. If this doesn’t happen then you have your own hut/room at the Twin Share rate.